April’s Blog

Our district is going through some significant changes with many personnel retiring or leaving for new adventures.  We are also growing in population with new home developments growing rapidly.  As we shift in personnel and increase in population, committees are working on restructuring some of our schools.  Over the next few years we hope to have a couple of elementary schools reflect a K-8 model and maybe even one middle school 6-8 model.  

As parents representing our schools, please use this blog as an active place to share your thoughts and ideas of what is working well at your site.  We must support each other, so our children can receive the very best throughout our entire district.


Thank you,

Corinne Forman

UPC School Council Liaison


March’s Blog

Hello Parents!

Superintendent Dr. Lee’s Message

  1. PTO/PTA training will focus on nine areas to assist members of the PTO/PTA boards.
  2. Proposition 123, if passed, will be earmarked toward teachers’ salaries, decrease class sizes, and lessen our deficit.  

Does your school excel in an area that others might benefit from knowing?  Would you like some suggestions on how to improve areas for your school?  Please use this blog to share and ask questions so we can unify our district by helping each other.  

Corinne Forman

UPC School Council Parent Liaison

January’s Blog

Dear Parents,

Here is the latest news from UPC:

College & Career Tools for Parents & Students

For all high school parents, Naviance Family Connection is a valuable resource that assists students through the process of building their resumes and analyzing students’ interests to match possible career paths.  Accessible links are found on your school website as well as our district’s website, under Academic Services.  Retrieve your login information at your school site.  This resource is invaluable and many parents are unaware of it.  Please talk to your principal about how to inform your school community so our students receive guidance at school and at home.  If your school uses this program effectively, please share how it is implemented on this blog!

Infinite Campus

The school district is attempting to create consistency with the parental Infinite Campus portal nearing report card dates. Ask your principal for updates as this should be decided in the upcoming weeks.

Is your school a UPC Member?

A majority of our schools are members of UPC; find out it if your school is a member at your next school council meeting.

Help Needed

We are searching for a new V.P. of Programming and Special Education Chair.  Please share this with your school community to gain interest.  If interested in becoming more involved, please contact Stephanie Brown for information.

District Emergency Response Update

The following link provides detailed information as to what to expect if your child’s school is in lock-down:  http://www.pvschools.net/Page/121
Remember, this blog is for all of you.  Please feel comfortable posting any concerns, questions, or success you are experiencing.  By sharing this information, we can improve ALL of our schools!

Thank you!

Corinne Forman

School Council Parent Liaison

November’s Blog

Dr. Lee explained several key items our district is facing at our November’s Monthly Meeting and Program.  Some highlights include:  the bond money allocation and process, AZ Merit test scores and our district’s placement in comparison to the state, alignment of our standards to the test, and the grading portal closure on Infinite Campus.
Krista Anderson, Director of Curriculum and Betsy Mays, our district’s Math Curriculum & Instruction Specialist spoke about our district’s future approach to Mathematics .  They shared many resources that families can utilize at home for math in all grade levels, along with other content areas.  Resources should be distributed at each school site, so please approach the subject at your next school council meeting if your principal has yet to share it.  Resources include:
Additionally, visit edweek.org/go/qc15 for statistics regarding Arizona’s education.
Please consider posting on this blog with any concerns or ideas at your site so we can collaborate and make all our schools the best!
Thank you!
Corinne Forman
UPC School Council Parent Liaison

October’s UPC News

Welcome to our UPC of PV School Council Parent Blog!

I’ll be posting some monthly updates that I hope will help you as you meet with your school council.  The purpose of this blog is for all the parent representatives at each school council to have a forum to gather information and share ideas that are working at your schools that might help others as well.  Common topics discussed at school council meetings include:

* allocating/spending tax credit funds,

* special areas,

* safety concerns,

* after school clubs,

* school-wide programs.  

Other topics might include how we, as parent representatives, share school council information, such as through PTO meetings and PTO newsletters.

Please reach out to me with any new ideas or concerns you may have.  Also, please join us at our United Parent Council monthly meetings at DAC (district office).

Here is a link to our upcoming meeting:  http://www.pvupc.org/pdf/_UPC_Monthly_Program_Flyer_Oct_2015.pdf

Here is a link to our UPC website:  http://www.pvupc.org/

Looking forward to communicating with all of you!

Corinne Forman, UPC School Council Parent Liaison